(part 10) The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

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Sapho de Mythilene
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Une histoire d'amour entre deux femmes que tout oppose

bon, ok, c'est court comme résumé mais j'ai pas la tête à ça, dès que j'ai l'inspiration, j'écrirais un truc.

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un brin gentillet
Από manrita dosmilocho 6 χρονια πριν
A simple story simply told - just beautiful.
Από nerdiebirdie 7 χρονια πριν
At first, I didn't like this at all, but later on I realised that it's because you should take the story for what it is... an expression of the melodrama of high school and first loves. When thinking back on my first serious crush, it was exactly like this... awkward, beautiful, melodramatic and with ups and downs like the frickin' Alps. So yeah, this film is great in its own way. Reminds me a bit of "Beautiful Thing"... and the use of the beautiful poetry is completely wonderful.
Από animimares 7 χρονια πριν