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Every day life in contemporary Iraq is a constant struggle of survival between an increasingly deteriorating infrastructure and the lack of security. Three years after the downfall of the previous regime women are still struggling to look after their families and homes with only a couple of hours of electricity a day, Less than 1/3 of the population has access to potable water and only 20% has sewerage access.

Coupled with a collapsing health system, these conditions are leading to widespread epidemic diseases and premature death amongst thousands of Iraqi children. Food shortages and malnutrition have worsened after the invasion.

Everyone in Iraq suffers from widespread violence perpetrated by the occupation forces, the insurgents, Islamist militias linked to government parties, criminal gangs as well as growing sectarian tensions. Yet, the escalating violence has created a climate of fear that is particularly devastating for women.

Many young girls and women miss weeks, even months, of school or university as their parents fear for their safety. According to the World Bank, women's labour force participation in Iraq today is low even by Middle Eastern standards. Women's employment has not only decreased as a result of the lack of security. Women made up a significant proportion of the public sector and disproportionably face job losses in the context of privatization.

There are numerous accounts of women being verbally and physically attacked for not covering their hair, wearing the wrong clothes and refusing to be pushed out of public spaces. In addition, mafia type gangs specialize in kidnapping for ransom, but are also involved in the sex trafficking of young Iraqi women and girls into Gulf countries.


your videos are better than movies from Hollywood !!!? anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ??
By loveelybabi87 3 years ago
Any one can sees the Terror in the eyes of poor innocent Iraqi people this can tell us what is teror and what is terrorism. Humanity is in sleep. Human is no more. we have to learn from animal more than Human. Human is the worst creature on Earth
By hashraza 6 years ago
well done. all i can say is that i pray and ask Allah SWT to take care of these people. Where are the liberators? It so sad to think that they were better off when a dictator in Saddam was still around.

ALLAH KAREEM and inshallah He takes and guides these people.
By arabianprince2003 7 years ago
trés bonnes vidéos, je te jure que je me connecte sur dailymotion trés souvent et unikement pour voir si t'as uploader des nouveaux reportages ou films
Frnachement, tu fè du trés bon travail et je ne peux ke t féliciter de la kalité des sujets que tu expoz sur ton espace dailymotion, c'est vraiment trés instructif
MERCI, MILLE MERCI et puis bouges un peu, je pense k'il y a trois jours que tu n'as rien uploader :p
By simo1855 7 years ago