Beyonce copies kylie split screen

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par klash-e

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A kylie tribute or Kylie rip off
Beyonce said many times she loves Kylie so i'm thinking tribute... but it maybe beyonce did it a bit too blatantly

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Yeah i agree
Par Serkan Önde l'année dernière
you are like frikin amazing. ... anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? :))
Par swetygirlyy088 il y a 4 ans

nice melody, I'm searching for ringtones at :P

Par samell82 il y a 5 ans
You've understood nothing... That's not any copy or inspiration, it's satanism! From Kylie and Beyoncé, they're both satanists that's why they look like robots because they're dressed like a caracter in a satanic film from 1927 called "Metropolis"... Look at this film and after that you can speak...
Par moi remoi il y a 5 ans
Kylie18minogue.... There is a big difference between copying and taking inspiration from.. Everything you see around you has been inspired by something before. It's what you create with that inspiration that makes you/it special. And she made it really special with a great stage show... That's inspiration... Copying is well obviously, doing something exactly the way someone already done it before you. big big difference
Par klash-e il y a 5 ans
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