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    MTV Short Circuitz – Profane Gourmet

    Wiredset LLC

    by Wiredset LLC

    MTV Short Circuitz asset, video. Cooking shows are a big hit these days, especially when you’ve got a host that curses while he cooks. Learn how to make pasta sauce that will make your ***hole sing the Star Spangled Banner. Nick Cannon presents Short Circuitz Season 2, a sketch comedy show where viewer’s can submit their own shorts. The top three will make it to air and earn them $1,000. If you think you’re funny, why not try and win some money? Upload your commercials, music videos, or TV parodies to Check it out, and remember to catch Short Circuitz Season 2 every Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. From Wiredset Digital Agency.