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    Hemp - A Solution for Our World

    Peace Nick

    by Peace Nick

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    I deal with cronic pain every day for 11 years now and the doc gives me oxycotton and other pain meds im dont like taking if weed was leagle i would stop the outher and guts smoke weed back 19 years ago I smoked at least a oz a day we had kids and i stoped but if it was leagle I could get off the addictive drugs
    By WEFREEWEED7 years ago
    l'Auto-production est la seule solution pour lutter contre les dealer , Un jour viendra ou l'herbe sera reconnue a sa juste valeur !!!
    By D.V.8 years ago
    Et comme c'est entre la Hollande et la Belgique, et que le coffee shop va aussi en Belgique par Matrich, vive la Belgique !
    Voici un lien à copier qui va vers pleins de liens dailymotion fumants ! A COPIER ABSOLUMENT !
    By maxfoxx9 years ago
    no, the government could definately tax marijuana. just like there is a tax on buying tobacco a tax for buying liquor and a tax for buying gas. anything other than food that people want, the government can and will tax.
    By rob9 years ago
    Kristopher D Farmer
    Politicians still have nothing to gain by trying to legalize pot, but many votes to lose...Generation X is getting older and moving into political spots soon enough...Marijuana will be legal in a few years.

    And apparently in at least 2 states it is legal...
    By Kristopher D Farmer10 years ago
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