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    Area where they were seen...


    by CindyPDX

    I was asked to show a bit more of the area where I saw the 2 objects that hovered in this general area for around 30 minutes. So I've provided this video that I did today.

    Read / watch more about this incident from the links below:

    Video with Audio (WARNING!!! I cuss ALOT on this!- sorry about that)

    Extracted images showing the date and time from the MiniDV tape of the objects - NO AUDIO - see this here:

    UPDATE See video with DATE & TIME STAMP here:

    Last time I saw something like this was on April 30 2006 for over 10 minutes AND in this same area! Unfortunately my 8X VHS camcorder could not pick it up.. hence why I bought newer camcorders with better zoom capabilites.