Chris Benoit Tribute Video R.I.P [1967-2007]

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Vince talk about Benoit , i'm sad to see that Benoit will always stay in my heart :'(

R.I.P chris [1967-2007]

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Par adel18 Il y a 6 ans
hey abooney, chris and his family
was assassinated so fuck you !!
Par legendkillerflo76 Il y a 7 ans
abooney you re a real son of bitch
Par samuel_a2je Il y a 7 ans
abooney take a trip to a mental hospital thell set you straight and if they cant try to face the whole of wwe fans since benoit is in everyones heart RIP benoit and i shall be sayin RIP to you if you cant shut up
Par YOU DONT NEED TO NO Il y a 7 ans
benoit is the greatest world champ...RIP
Par under construction Il y a 7 ans
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