*Part 1/3* 1x18 Breaking News


by Ahwi

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Episode 118 - Breaking News *Part 1/3*
During a live show, Jordan has problems with her pregnancy while an even bigger problem is in store for Tom. Meanwhile, Matt's rampant pill use is discovered by a member of staff.


Thank you!
By MISSSY_ 7 years ago
Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2dmvl_part-23-1x18-breaking-news
By Ahwi 7 years ago
thank youuuuuu
By ugsy06 7 years ago
God bless you Cehcw...I am a big fan of Studio 60 and only found out on Thursday that they were going to broadcast the last episodes. I missed The Disaster Show (which I watched here!!!) until K & R (Part 2)..I watched K & R (Part 3) yesterday...
By Mike Hunt 7 years ago