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    Lionel Kiddie City (1988)


    by ThrowbackForums

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    Ah, the good old days. How I miss them. This little gem was from a tape made in November 1988. Lionel Kiddie City was based mainly in the New York-New Jersey area, but also had stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Virginia. I'm not clear on when Kiddie City opened, but it closed completely by June 1993. Many of us who grew up in the New York-New Jersey area would be familiar with this store. I myself have never been to this store, but there was a store in Toms River, NJ, and my grandma used to go there on occassion, but she preferred Toys R Us for our gifts. Ironically, I think what killed this location was that Toys R Us was right across the highway in another shopping center!!

    Gotta love the catchy slogan - "We'll turn that frown (clap clap clap) upside down!"

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