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    Tutorial #2a - neon highlights on background and text


    by sudynlj

    Part one explains how to make the 3-d background and how to get a basic neon glow.
    Part two will explain how to create the text you can see when the video starts.
    Useful keyboard shortcuts:

    ctrl + n--------------open a new canvas
    ctrl + shift + n-----create new layer
    ctrl + j--------------duplicate layer
    d--------------------reset fore- and background colors
    alt + backspace----fill with foreground color
    ctrl + backspace---fill with background color
    ctrl + f-------------reapply last filter used
    ctrl + alt + f-------reopen last filter window used
    ctrl + L-------------levels
    ctrl + m------------curves
    ctrl + e--------merge (selected) layers
    ctrl + shift + e-----merge all visible layers
    alt---(in a window, e.g. curves) reset
    alt---(e.g. in filter/liquefy window) reverse
    alt---(marquee tool) keep crosshair centered

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