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    Brachiosaurs- beach

    Leo Bolanos

    por Leo Bolanos

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    Mehmet PINARCI
    Well done . when she is coming back , sun seems to shine :)
    Por Mehmet PINARCIHace 6 años
    Just to let you know that theyre is some flickering in your teranosor's shadows!! this is due to your irradiance map in vray and if there is no GI you have to pass all your frames in image ready you can find such tuts on the net CHeer
    Por young3dHace 9 años
    so nice ! i improve your tracking, is very good. do you known matchmover ? i make video with this soft.
    great !
    Por magichousestudioHace 10 años
    Nice. I've had similar ideas lately but I do not have the technical know-how to create this kind of work. I think this is a very interesting way to push special effects. Low budget camera work tracked with high quality vfx = killer combination. Fantastic demonstration. Keep up the good work!
    Por DarrellHace 10 años