WWE Smackdown - Brock Lesnar vs Big Show

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wwe smackdown - Brock Lesnar vs Big Show (superplex ring collapse)

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Man Lesnar is probably the strongest superstar of all time. Batista, Toni Atlas not even the Ultimate warrior are stronger than him.
ユーザー名 shaka zulu 5 年前
I'm surprised no one chanted ECW ECW ECW! That was an amazing match!
ユーザー名 Brandon King 5 年前
A 400 pounds superplex OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!
ユーザー名 underkevin 5 年前
MDRR dany9999
Brock ne reviendra surement pas.regardez lashley ca fait un an qu y a des rumeurs et il est en MMA maintenant.....
Lesnar etait genial mais bon
ユーザー名 sasukekun24 6 年前
holy shit holy shit
ユーザー名 OISINDBZ 6 年前