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    Re: The Richard Dawkins Delusion


    by Albert10110

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    I agree with what this one has to say, to a point. He's one of those moral intellectual type atheists, like a humanist or something, and the video is heavily edited. People of a religious persuasion do try to say that if Gott doesn't exist there is no right and no wrong and people can get away with acts of great evil unpunished. They say this because they think the next logical step is to say, oh great there's a gott or something... They think it scares me off, it doesn't. On the atheist side they mostly turn into humanists, *yawn*. I feel the issue should actually be addressed instead of hidden from.

    Also, if you're a young earth creationist, evolution science should completely disprove your conception of Gott very easily. Many understand evolution is a fact but still try to reconcile their faith with science, for instance the days being ages, but I find this utterly unsatisfying. They got the days wrong... they're in the wrong order. I find both arguments to be weak.
    By hatmatidor6 years ago
    Brushell - Dawkins mentioned on his own site about the circumstances to which he was interviewed for 'Expelled'; it's worth a read:,2394,Lying-for-Jesus,Richard-Dawkins
    "Toward the end of his interview with me, Stein asked whether I could think of any circumstances whatsoever under which intelligent design might have occurred... I set myself the task of imagining the most plausible scenario I could. I wanted to give ID its best shot... I was bending over backwards to make the best case I could for a form of intelligent design."

    Back on topic, very clear and coherant video Albert, thank-you.
    By Graventiten7 years ago
    Atheist are very happy: they discovered the 'big lie' that lies beyond our civilisation. The problem, is that they do not understand the reason for this big lie, wich is: the reproduction to insure the surviving of the group. Figures are clear: atheism leads to depopulation. So as I understand it, atheist just don't want to do any sacrifice to insure the maintaining their group's population.
    By nimportequoi8 years ago
    I saw "Expelled" today. I heard Dawkins admit there could be Intelligent Design.
    By brushell8 years ago
    i'd like to leave a long intelligent comment, but can't come up with anything meaningfull to say.

    Aside from nice job, both in the content and the way you edited the video.
    By Muniam8 years ago