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    The Meier Case


    by batdancer

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    Time that the world woke up to the simple TRUTH of the Meier Case - A Ufo case thats transcends ufology itself, The spiritual yet non-religious message contained within the Talmud-Jmmanuel would bring humanity back into line with creational law, thus resulting in a more balanced less destructive mode of living for all the peoples of this world, & for humanity itself.

    there is a vast array of irrefutable evidence that simply has not been debunked.
    THIS CASE HAS NEVER BEEN DEBUNKED AND NEVER WILL BE...the only reasonable possible explanation for any sane rational thinking person (with any true & real sense of discerning power to speak of at all(!)) - is that Billy Eduard albert Meier is, very simply, a genuine contactee.

    we are most definitely not alone!
    & much is at stake...

    The five most important things we can do for the planet:

    1. Reduce the population to under 1 billion

    2. Stop robbing the Earth of oil, gas, ores, etc..

    3. Stop the atom testing, under ground explosions

    4. Tear down all dams

    5. Tear down the nuclear power stations
    (the splitting of the atom itself - has very negative repercussions)