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    Prison en Israël et censure sur ARTE 4 Jenin-Jenin


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    Palestinian actor and director Mohammad Bakri is one Israel’s most well-known citizens. But since producing a documentary on Israel’s 2002 assault on the West Bank town of Jenin, Bakri has found himself virtually blacklisted in Israeli cinema, and now, he even faces possible jail time for making the film
    MOHAMMAD BAKRI: No, no. It was not shown in any TV in the world. It was programmed to be shown in the 1st of April, 2003. And I have a contract with Arte, the French-German satellite. And the 30th of March, day before, they called me by telephone, and they told me, “We are very sorry, but your film will not be shown tomorrow.” I said, “Why?” They said, “Well, um, uh…” And until now I don't have an answer. So the film was banned in Israel and was banned in the world. And I have the feeling that Israel occupied the world.