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    par Maurice

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    Merci Zebra.
    I think it is due to an old iMovie version (3.0.3) I am using on an iMac G3. When, I am using iMovie 4. something I have no prob. But to be sure I have to make another video...
    Par MauriceIl y a 10 ans
    basil fernandez
    my friend got the same prob....

    i think it happens if you use i-movie and when u make the film smaller...
    Par basil fernandezIl y a 10 ans
    I don't know how I did to get it so small... and by the way I am trying to change it... but with no success :(
    Par MauriceIl y a 10 ans
    SpringFox Too Paulreyno
    aaaarrrggghhhh, mowing the lawn, no no no, i have that to come... nice video ,but it is surely a warning of things to come.... less time on the PC and more time in the garden ,bwaaaah
    Par SpringFox Too PaulreynoIl y a 10 ans
    Bien, 3m46. C'est pas mal.
    Moi, il m'en faut 45 ... de minutes.
    A voir le temps que tu mets, ta tondeuse doit tracter à mort.
    Par MARFOUIl y a 10 ans