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    Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U


    by Tony

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    I pray for Sinead O,Connor. I hope God can reach her, save her. I have always been a fan. I myself suffered a severe demonic depression. I ended up with electroshocks last year. After that God touched me and cured me. He showed and shows me the way back to life. I wish Sinead the same. I hope she can open up for God. Lets all pray for her. I know God answers prayers.
    By LowiekevandergunLast week
    Thank God, The Sun, The Moon , The Stars and whatever you believe in for PRINCE.. As Shakespeare once so appropriately wrote for a hand off like this..."So long live this...and this will give life to thee". He gave this person Sinead life through his song... what an irreplaceable, undeniable incredible GIFT. She must have appreciated it so much !
    By Cuppacaff3 weeks ago
    The haunting beauty of this has always moved me, never more than now. Within the immobilizingly vast legacy of Prince's output and the unbelievable array of fantastic, unmatched performances on video and in recordings by Prince himself - the Franz Liszt of pop/funk/rock - this astonishing performance of this transcendently beautiful, moving and emotionally insightful song gets to me more than anything else he ever did, ironically. I think about the first line - "seven hours and fifteen days" - as if the immediate passing of time in her state is more excruciating than the time that has amassed...what emotional insight! A great poet, a great songwriter, an unbelievable incredibly tragic to lose him. RIP to a true Prince.
    By JGNYCApril
    Eeva Willberg
    This is one of my all time favourites. Thank you Prince for composing this. R.I.P.
    You sure left your mark, dear prince. What a song. Thank you!
    By BlinzelnApril
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