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    Surf School Movie - July 17th on DVD


    by SurfSchoolMovie

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    It's senior year at Laguna High, and senior trip is a surf safari to Costa Rica for the High school Surfing Championship (OK, we made it up). Of course, five senior outcasts, non-surfers all, aren't invited. It's OK, they've got the perfect underdog plan: 1. enroll in an offbeat Costa Rican surf school run by the ultimate burned-out surf bum; and 2. since they're low on dough, they'll stay at a commune run by two former 60s hippy radicals, Boris and Tillie (still wanted by the FBI). Throw in the soon-to-be-famous Three Swedes, Nordic beauties who get off on teasing American men, add a primate (Veronique the lovesick French chimp)and you have an epic teen comedy. And who knows, our outcasts may just surprise the surfing world in the process!