Frank Rosolino V

René Laanen

door René Laanen

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Great clip of of the king of the trombone. Thanks so much for loading. Priceless.
Door jeaneathean 8 jaren geleden
This guy is my number one trombone hero, ever since I heard him in Ronnie Scotts Soho London in 1972
Door Adrian Benson 9 jaren geleden
There is NO one around who could play like Frank. One of a kind. We miss you greatly Frank.
Door greg waits 9 jaren geleden
This is an awesome video of Frank Rosolino being himself. I appreciate trombone-usa for uploading it to the site. So much education. This tune is called "Lover Man" which he plays so well. I LOVE his sound and expressions.
Door Chuck Carthan 9 jaren geleden