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    Mother to Son

    Shaun Harrison

    by Shaun Harrison

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    this was a project done in my Dynamic Typography class spring 2006. The project called for representing a poem typographically without using audio that was a direct translation of the text of the poem.

    My choice was Langston Hughes poem "Mother to Son". This poem eloquently tells a story of a mothers struggles with life yet steadfastness with carrying on regardless of its hardships, and using this as a life lesson to her son.

    My design choices were a direct reflection of the poem itself. To me Langston took the hardships of life and brought a sense of beauty to them both through his choice of words and through the characterization of strength through the mother. This was what I sought to do "beautify what most see as ugly". This called for highlighting textures, the worn down, the broken things through shooting film and through my composition and color treatment bring more life beyond their natural visage to them so that they enhance and aid in the poem.

    The font choice was the same, I sought a serifed font as they have a sense of age to them and I wanted the mothers voice through the font to seem older and experienced and a san serif would not work well in doing that. The font I found that worked best was "Georgia" it held femanine qualities and was matronly in quality. I however need it to show vulnerability and weather without being totally deconstructed, so I chose to slightly weather the edges to fit within the overall look and feel of the film and the poem.

    The film was shot throughout downtown and midtown Savannah (River St. area and Montgomery & MLK streets). Those areas to me have stories to tell as many of the buildings were obviously once beautiful however are no longer cared for.