WWe ECW 19 Juin 2007 Chris Benoit Vs Elijah Burke

Marvin Gerardin
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14 commentaires

Son tout dernier match et il était censé gagner le titre ... Mais c'est morrison qui l'a remplacé et a gagné le titre RIP Chris!
Par jaden78 Il y a 6 ans
6 jour avant qu'on le suicide...
Par fred80666 Il y a 6 ans
Benoit ruled R.I.P
Par Connor Pinhorne Il y a 6 ans
Do you guys know that if Benoit had been a Vengence in 2007 and beat Cm Punk to become ECW Champion like he was scripted to, then just like Big Show, he would have been one of the only wrestlers to win the WCW Championship, a WWE heavyweight Championship and the ECW Championship. Man,..he really did destroy his legacy when he killed his wife and kid and as the papers in the UK said 'tapped' out to the devil via submission in his training dungeon.
Par Manlykefresh Il y a 7 ans
R.I.P. Chris Benoit
Par CM_Punk_chicago Il y a 7 ans
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