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    David Icke on 911

    Zbigniew Welsh

    par Zbigniew Welsh

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    Je crois que le mec est contagieux....
    Par SucaraltIl y a 8 ans
    Brett anonomos
    I-ve been following David Icke for over 10 years now, after I first picked up one of his books and it changed my life. I've often heard of the Terry Wogan episode but never saw it. Thanks for putting it on here. Power to David Icke!
    Par Brett anonomosIl y a 9 ans
    Antares Magickman
    David Icke is truly a brave and honest man performing a Herculean task in a desperate mess of a planet. The more I observe him, the greater my admiration and respect have grown. Those who ridicule him are a pathetic, pitiable lot, hiding from their own conscience.
    Par Antares MagickmanIl y a 10 ans