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A Place on Earth / Une place sur la Terre (2013) - Trailer (english subtitles)

il y a 4 ans4.3K views

Directed by : Fabienne Godet
Produced by : Le Bureau
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 40 min
French release: 28/08/2013
Production year: 2012

Antoine is a joyful but disenchanted photographer. His only true friend, Mateo, is 7 years old and the son of his neighbor, who is often absent. One day, he hears a piano sonata coming from the building across the courtyard. Mesmerized by the music, he becomes obsessed by Elena, the beautiful but mysterious pianist, and starts to photograph her at every opportunity. An intense relationship develops between fragile and idealistic Elena and Antoine, who is transformed by this encounter.

More info: http://www.myfrenchfilmfestival.com/en/movie?movie=33755

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A Place on Earth / Une place sur la Terre (2013) - Trailer (english subtitles)
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