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Zappa_Be bop Tango

há 11 anos1.5K views

FRANK ZAPPA Yellow Shark Frankfurt Germany 1992DVD

This great DVD features a performance in FZ's Yellow Shark
series from Frankfurt Germany in 1992, as broadcast on Polish
television. This was one of Frank's final performances and is
(needless to say) amazing from start to finish. Songs performed:
Overture, Dog/Meat, Outrage at Valdez, Time's Beach II, The
Girl in the Magnesium Dress, BeBop Tango, Food Gathering in
Post-Industrial America 1992, Ruth is Sleeping, Amnerika, None
of the Above I, Pentagon Afternoon, Time's Beach III, Welcome
to the United States, Pound for a Brown, Get Whitey, G-spot
Tornado. Also includes a documentary on the rehearsals for the
shows as bonus material.

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Zappa_Be bop Tango
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