Ub40 - sing our own song

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par kitano78

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The great flood of tears that we`ve cried
For our brothers and sisters who`ve died
Over four hundred years
Has washed away our fears
And strengthened our pride
Now we turn back the tide

We will no longer hear your command
We will sieze the control from your hand
We will fan the flame
Of our anger and pain
And you`ll feel the shame
For what you do in gods name


We will fight for the right to be free
We will build our own society
And we will sing, we will sing
We will sing our own song

When the ancient drum rythms ring
The voice of our forefathers sings
Forward Africa run
Our day of freedom has come
For me and for you
Amandla Awethu


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super***********************thank you!!!!!!!
Par tony danis il y a 6 ans
ma preferé !!
Par Budogirl73. il y a 6 ans