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    Trojan® Brand Condoms Launches "Evolve" Campaign...


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    Trojan® Brand Condoms Launches "Evolve" Campaign To Help Move America Toward Sexual Health

    Effort to Spark Discussion, Change Behavior, and Challenge Outdated Attitudes About Condom Use and Sexual Health that Contribute to High Rates of Unintended Pregnancy and STIs

    TROJAN®, America's No. 1 brand of condoms, has launched an advertising and public information campaign to reframe people's perceptions about using condoms and start a much-needed dialogue about sexual health in America.

    The United States has the highest rates of unintended pregnancy (three million per year1) and sexually transmitted infections (19 million per year2) of any Western nation.3 "For all of our terrific medical and information resources, America is simply not a sexually healthy country," said Martha Kempner, vice president for information and communications at the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).