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    Fox News Lies I of III


    by PB

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    Phil McKenna
    Good documentary alright. Doesn't matter if you're liberal or conservative or anywhere in between, the facts speak for themselves. Rupert Murdoch is a ruthless pirate, a fiercely partisan megalomaniac who wants to manufacture news and control media as opposed to reporting it or discussing it intelligently.

    The level of Fox News' reporting is grade-school at best to say nothing of the intelligence and depth (or lack thereof) of its so-called "journalists" who are in reality kool-aid drinking tools with big mouths and egos.

    Fox News has no right to call itself fair or balanced when it goes out of its way to demonize/marginalize anyone who challenges their outrageous and brazen lying/manipulation.

    Conservative? Sure you jest! REAL conservatives would avoid Fox News like the plague.

    And finally, is Murdoch taking orders from th GOP or is it the GOP taking orders from Murdoch. I'm beginning to thin the latter.
    By Phil McKenna8 years ago
    finally some one figure it out?
    By siha7778 years ago
    Calvin Miller Escopada
    Interesting, total liberal bullshit, but interesting.
    By Calvin Miller Escopada10 years ago
    Outfoxed Part II of III:
    By PB10 years ago