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    Dawn of Azazel "The Road To Babalon"


    par Gilles

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    Dawn of Azazel "The Road To Babalon" (album "Sedition" 2005)

    Arise amongst brimstone and pandemonium
    The time has come to awaken and reclaim our dominion
    Vines and serpents shall bind the hands of the enfeebled
    Wipe the lands of all trace of the deceitful
    Entice the innocent with lustful allure
    Sire the fornicatress in the pure
    And mentor sinful deeds in the adolescent
    Vengeance upon the idols of acquiescence
    Cultivate every single suppressed desire
    Let every action exalt the deity in fire

    The time has come for rebellion and reprobation
    Abandon yourself to hedonism and fornication
    Dive head long into the perverse ideal
    Separate its vision from the surreal
    Initiate them into the kingdom of ecstasy
    Fill their loins with victory
    And harvest the fruits of their sexual exertion
    See the nubile schooled in perversion
    Let them forget the Eden that they have come from
    And walk the road that leads to Babalon