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    Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood


    by Celtiemama

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    hey Kiddo!
    Much love to the celtiemama from the keltish1. I watched Sam K's wild thing.I just needed to get that scream. (yes, It's been one of THOSE days). 2 cool 2 find not only are you a celt but,my age! I luv Tom Tom club and now look forward to seeing more of your picks.
    Rock on with your bad keltish self! -the keltish1
    By mystikim5 years ago
    tu déchires celtiemama merci
    By cclementine8 years ago
    fandebarbie .
    Thank you to you so much, because it's very hard to find the picture because that group is finich..
    Many creative, that making to move on stage, the words and that music, very unic!!
    By fandebarbie .8 years ago
    Chico Paco Casselle
    I've never seen the video til now, Tom Tom Club, they hit the Clubs in the 80's Big Time!!! Thanks , Giovanny.
    By Chico Paco Casselle8 years ago