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    Hagane File 2


    by Hagane

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    Usher-You'll be in my heart
    These are drawings (that my friends did and some I did myself) put together in a second video.

    If you wanna sing along, here are the lyrics, hehe:

    Come stop your crying
    It will be alright
    Just take my hand
    Hold it tight, now
    I will protect you from, all around you
    I will be here DONT you cry

    For one so small
    You seem so strong, now
    My arms will hold you
    Keep you safe and warm, This
    bond between us
    Can't be broken
    So im gonna be here dont you cry

    WHY cant they understand the way we feel,
    THEY just don't trust what they cant explain,
    I know we're different,
    But deep inside us,
    We're not that different AT ALL

    Dont listen to them
    Cuz what do they know?
    We need each other
    To have, to hold
    They'll see in time
    I KNOW

    You'll be (IN MY HEART) in my heart
    (I'll always be there)
    You'll be in my heart
    (You know that) From this day on
    Now and forever more

    (You'll) You'll be in my heart
    No matter what they say (No matter, no matter what they say oooh)
    You'll be right here in my heart (No matter oh no matter)(always)
    Always (Always, always)

    Just look over your shoulder