The Manx Grail Chronicles: Templar Treas

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In his book The Manx Grail Chronicles: Mystery of the Templar Treasure, John Shimmin clarifies this historical record while spinning a tale of mystery.

When asked what motivated him to research the Templar Treasure, John revealed that he was fascinated by how King Arthur's fame spread to Greece and places far from his home. This fascination brought John to study the Knights Templar, their legendary rise to wealth and power, and their later demise after the Crusades.

The mythology surrounding the Holy Grail captivated him, and he learned how the Knights captured Jerusalem. As a reward, the Catholic Church gave them the Temple of Solomon. The story tells how an unimaginable treasure was buried beneath that temple, and The Holy Grail was among the vast riches.

The Catholic Church wanted the Grail, so befriended the Knights, giving them land and castles, hoping they would entrust the Grail to the Church. When they refused, The Church spread rumors about them, and took their wealth away.

Hundreds of Knights were defamed and burned during The famous medieval papal Inquisition, in which the Church tried to find out the whereabouts of the Grail and its powers.

Dr. Proactive Randy Gilbert interviewed John Shimmin and you can hear the entire interview for free at