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Nate vs Karo

[goofy TUF confrontation]


LOL at "karo was playing around". Clearly he was trying to provoke a fight.
By choralone11 Last year
karo was playing around, he didnt know the diaz bros are ghetto nutjobs. nate escalates it, then pusses out and hides.
By ak000 4 years ago
Ithhh cool.
By buymeaskyline 5 years ago
Karo is the excuse king. He has obvious, very good judo skills and other MMA skills whitch has brought him to UFC but, his personality is losing him fans every time he opens his mouth. I wasn't a big Diaz fan when I first saw him but, the more he fights, the more I like to watch him. His skills are continualy groing.

Karo: apologise for being a dick. A real man would.
By seekerofall 6 years ago
fuck karo...ia A DICK HEAD any one sayin it other wise is a biger dick..
By rezico 7 years ago
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