Trunk Boiz - Scraper Bike

Fabrice J.
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G.N.D.T. WHICH MEANS (GORILLAZ N DA TRUNK) Is an organization of young talent developing into something major. The organization contains young upcoming stars that call them selves Trunk Boiz. The word Trunk in the name stands for trunk retelling-unique-non stop-knok in your trunk you better believe. The starting line up of the Trunk Boiz are Fithy Fam, B Janky, Artist Juice, Miami, N Between Platinum (Mark Mo)Voice, LuvDoc, ReeceDA Beast and many more to come. They are all under the record label ATM records; which stand for All Types Of Music. The Trunk Boiz is a family from different parts of the bay Area communicating and cooperating with one another in some positive ways. This organization provides outlet and opportunities for teens and young adults to do something constructive with there time. The Trunk Boiz and Trunk Girls on the way are not just rappers and singers, they also have an dance group inside the organization is called The Chosen few There are many more key elements dealing with the Trunk Boiz. There Street Team is in different Notorious and Ruff neighborhoods in the Bay Area but instead of allowing theirs selves to get caught back up with the negative.



, loooool Tres bien;
By lieeeasali 4 years ago
ei hora koito q ima taq pesen da mi pi6e mola vi sa
By ebejko0o 7 years ago
Ku shit. Keep on representing and being innovative. That's the only way we'll get ahead, by doin thangs that others haven't dreampt of, or what other have dreampt of but have slept on. Peace in the struggle, be easy with the muscle, and speak Deadly in the hustle.
Persistence Prosperity, and Peace

By Mr. Black 7 years ago
very cool :P
By gotinata006 7 years ago