Undertaker vs Albert for the Intercontinental Title

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por Phenom666

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Albert won the Intercontinental Title from Kane with help from DDP . So Taker tries to regain the Title but DDP shows up but he gets his ass kicked by Sara

5 comentários

Who wouldn't want to have Kane as a brother in law? I could get into all kinds of trouble with that badass watching my back.
Por TheArtisanMosaic Há 6 anos
Taker has yet won the Intercontinental or United States title. Otherwise he would become a Triple Crown champion by now.
Por jlog3000 Há 7 anos
We call that move the nut cracker back home
Por Rei Itoshi Há 7 anos
lol ddp's balls must hurt after tat i like the brothers of destuction and sara
Por Emanuel Sterkaj Há 7 anos
Have u got the Kane Vs Albert if so plz post
Por Jushinsavage Há 7 anos