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    Best of Yesterday - 14/06/07

    Mike Rouse

    by Mike Rouse

    Can you build a million new social homes?/Should positive discrimination apply to politicians?/Anti-Europeanism and Anti-Americanism: How bad has it got?

    Clip 1. The Vox Politix panel debate Ming Campbell's policy announcement to build a million new social homes by councils buying land from farmers then selling it on at a profit to developers. Does this scheme have any merit?
    Clip 2. The Up Front team discuss the report by the Commission on Integration and Cohesion which suggests adopting "positive measures" to ensure councillors represent their local communities. Is this a wise idea? After all, if someone is doing a good job it doesn't matter what ethnicity they are, does it?
    Clip 3. Worldview examines groups on both sides of the Atlantic that display prejudiced feelings against either Europe or America. Has this become particularly bad under Bush or has the sentiment existed for a longer period?