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Vaughn Bekker - Her love, amazing woman

4 yıl önce19 views

She loves me with heart and soul
Including Every freckle and mole
She pours out so much love
You have to wear it like a glove
Even when i`m not around
Her love does me so surround
All the time she thinks of me
Even when i do not see
My heart feels much regret
That a soul like her`s i do neglect
She loves me when i`m totally mad
And even when i`m terribly sad
Even when i`m preoccupied
I know she loves me deep inside
A greater effort i need to make
Before a perfect heart i break
She must have been sent from above
Cos earth could not make so much love
She gives her all only to me
Even though such an ass i can be
With more effort i need to start
And take care of a precious heart
If my love for her were a seed
Its something i need to cherish and start to feed
that big and strong it will grow
and her cup too can over flow
So love can rain down from above
so it too will fit her like a glove
how did i get her perfect soul
when i`m just a useless troll
i`m sorry i`ve been so mean
and my love for u has not been seen
right from the word go
what she see`s in me, i will never know
i ly awake and watch her sleep
so in her soul i can peep
so much love i`ve seen never
so much love i`ve had for ever

Vaughn Bekker

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Vaughn Bekker - Her love, amazing woman
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