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    Kellogg Strengthens Marketing to Children Practices...


    by MultiVu

    Kellogg Strengthens Marketing to Children Practices, Announces Front-Of-Pack Nutrition Labeling

    The Kellogg Company today announces two major initiatives that further strengthen its commitment to meeting consumers' health and nutrition needs.

    Kellogg will change what and how it markets to children under 12. Kellogg will apply Nutrient Criteria, a standard based on a broad review of scientific reports, to products across all categories around the world that are currently marketed to children. Products that don't meet the Criteria will either be reformulated or they will no longer be marketed to children under 12 by the end of 2008.
    The company will also be adding Guideline Daily Amounts on the front of ready-to-eat cereal packaging in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The summary gives a quick snapshot of how a food fits into a consumer's daily diet and complements the side panel nutrition label.
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