Taxi Emissions

Mike Rouse

by Mike Rouse

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18 Doughty Street covers news that Ken Livingstone's plans for emissions on Taxis could be more harmful than you think!


jezza, typical thicko's comment. Unless you know what your talking about leave it alone. A million cars on london's streets but Londons 20.000 cabs are causing all the pollution are you thick or what. The london cab driver has to pay for every whim from transport for london.
Let Transport for London start innovating!
By spursphil 7 years ago
Finally a GOOD NEWS !!! Finally Less Black arrogant polluting cabbies in the street of London ! What r u talking about Public Money as if it was a tax ! 20p is part of the fare NOT a TAX !!!
Have people been in London recently ????
All the congestion in London is purely created by Black Cabbies.
Not only created by the number of empty Black Cab crossing london. But also by their constant u turn, illegal parking, red light crossing and blocking traffic !!!
Just go around Waterloo station and see all those drivers queueing with Engines on...just to collect one passenger...
If you are out of job. Well...tough...
Stop playing the victims guys thinking that your 200 years old monopoly will go on for ever...
Stop living in the past and holding to it Guys.
Start innovating.
Why Can t we see Electric Black Cab in a London always at the forefront ?
By jezza2243 8 years ago