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    Final Minutes of "Inside the NFL" from 1986


    by Allison

    My parents made video taping an art, as we can all attest to. They either started the VCR too late (in the middle of the now-extinct HBO or Showtime introductions), or too early. this is one such instance where my parents started taping about more than five minutes too early! This is the final minutes of an episode of "Inside the NFL" (I'm not sure from when, early 1986 perhaps?). The rare treat of this is the bizarre video sequence that played under the closing credits. This was a video that a football team made, and there is also some sweepstakes information. My parents taped this prior to "HBO On Location - Robin Williams: Live at the Met" in 1986. I sort of found this accidentally while going through some tapes - there is also a quick clip of Miss Piggy - I'm not going to ask what was on this tape prior to Robin Williams, since the only other two specials on this VHS were "Gallagher" specials from Showtime.