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    NS Salisbury Switcher & #135

    Chase Millsap

    by Chase Millsap

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    Joey Gattuso
    Those gates fell way too late. That needs to be fixed. Nice video!
    By Joey Gattuso8 years ago
    BJ Preddy
    Clint what is a C49-8, do you mean C40-8 or C39-8.
    By BJ Preddy9 years ago
    Chase Millsap
    Gavin I have to agree on that, When me & Clint were first filming the Switcher, that lead's horn scared me a little bit because it is so loud, but it was only for one time, the rest were just okay. And The 135's horn was a sweet Conrail Horn, The First time a #135 was filmed which is the one on my homepage had a much different horn in which it didn't sound like a normal Conrail to me. That one sound like what a Conrail horn should be.
    By Chase Millsap9 years ago
    Chase Millsap
    You two must have fun times filming over at that Wye, The Salisbury Switcher can sure be busy and getting engines switches from time to time.
    By Chase Millsap9 years ago
    Chase Millsap
    Thanks Turbotrain!
    By Chase Millsap9 years ago
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