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    Promicin Terror Current Blog: # 12 Legislation soon!


    by ElectricArtists

    Welcome to my second day evading Pro-Promicin terrorists. My sources assure me that the threat on my life remains imminent and I'm taking it very seriously, indeed. But I'm confident that this situation is going to be short-lived.

    In a matter of days, both the House and the Senate will be voting on virtually identical Anti-Promicin measures. It is almost guaranteed that, within a week, not only will the USE of Promicin be illegal, but the use of any Promicin-related ABILITY will also be punishable by law. And then the terrorists will have much, much bigger problems than pressure from the blogosphere.

    Hear that, you murderous madman? The clock is ticking. Your time here is up. With any luck, they will round the Promicin users into detention centers so that the rest of us normal folks can start to breathe easier once more.