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    Promicin Terror Current Blog: #11 Killing me won't


    by ElectricArtists

    Promicin Terror Current Blog: #11 Killing me won't stop the message

    As you can see, I am not recording this in my office as I normally do. I am in a hotel room in a location that I'd rather not disclose. By the time we post this video to the site, I will have already moved on to another location.

    This morning, one of my supporters, who happens to work for a government agency that shall go unnamed, called our office and let me know that they had reliable intelligence concerning an attack on me, and/or my offices, by Pro-Promicin terrorists. This person convinced me that this threat was very serious and very immediate. They also said that their agency and others are working hard to apprehend this group and are confident that they'll catch up with them very soon.

    To me, this is all good news: this is an act of desperation on the terrorists' part and I think it's an accurate barometer of how much the tide of public opinion has turned against Jordan Collier and Promicin.

    First a terroristic letter, now a threat on my life. Those are pretty honorable tactics the Promicin people are using, aren't they? Real men don't slink off and hide and make anonymous threats, Collier. Be a real man and come out into the open.