2004 Albania (Final)


por Galiza

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How strange the feeling in your soul
When love invades your very being
Another “me” or so I’m told
And life takes on another meaning.

Day after day, I go through the motions,
Stumbling my way, life is a blur
Slave of my love, of my emotions
You’re in my eyes, you’re in my heart

One kiss, one heartbeat, in time,
a kiss, the moment, is mine.
I close my eyes, I breathe
I’m Queen of the world of Make Believe!!

You make me feel, a little crazy
You make me see your tears are true
You make my days and nights so hazy,
You make me feel the image of you.
Choir: You make me feel
Soloist: a little crazy
Choir: You make me see
Soloist: Your tears are true
Choir: You make me feel
Soloist: Image of you

I know it’s just a dream
I feel, l love, this life

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