Eddie Guerrero Tribute by Fox-Watcher

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Eddie Guerrero Tribute-

The Fray How to save a life

I had only one episode from that time which I could take the scenes from, as it heads towards the end you could see that I was running out of scenes, but I think it turned out to be pretty good.

And please leave a comment, an English comment, I don't understand French, that's why I always delete French comments anyway (I mean it could be something racial or something and I wouldn't even now), so if your French and want to leave a French comment, don't bother!

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r.i.p eddie+great tribute
Von Luke Schembri vor 6 Jahren
eddie i miss you so f*cking mutch

he died in causo of painkillers
Von Blutkehle vor 6 Jahren
You did an EXCELLENT job! What was his cause of death?
Von NJS06 vor 7 Jahren
@akim93: I'm gonna think about that, but there is a simple reason I'm not deleting the German comments. As you may know I am from Germany, so I understand what these German comments say. However, I ain't speaking a single word of French, so when there is a comment in that language it could mean anything, something good, something bad. I don't know, that's why I delete them. Just to make sure, there's no spamming here.
Von Fox-Watcher vor 7 Jahren
Hey dude, if you delete french comments, why don't you delete german comments? I mean it's pratically the same thing, as you say "Dailymotion" is international and worldwide. And you even do better by deleting first german comments, firstable because french is a most spoken language worldwide than german, and secondable, Dailymotion is originally french.

Nothing against you dude, I swear. God bless Eddie, and happy new year to you and to all the "Dailymotioners"

Von Karim vor 7 Jahren
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