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    NS 213 at Adams

    BJ Preddy

    by BJ Preddy



    Chase Millsap
    You might have remembered the video where I filmed that BNSF leading a slow manifest and work train, that spot had to suck because I was standing in front a vacant old house, I didn't like that spot but it is the best I've got from Concord. If I am in the area, Kannapolis or Salisbury!
    By Chase Millsap9 years ago
    BJ Preddy
    Concord,NC only its not the best of place because of the neighborhood its in and you really can't see the trains except for a little opening I'm filming in. If you want to go down this way should go to Salisbury or Kannapolis. Also 213 goes fast through here all the time the train can go 60 MPH.
    By BJ Preddy9 years ago
    So where exactly is this spot at?
    By Thomas9 years ago
    Good God, their flying throught there!
    By trainboy179 years ago
    Chase Millsap
    That was a speedy 213!
    By Chase Millsap9 years ago