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Aeclectrick is proud to present to you its new DUBSTEP compilation, called Sub Stance.

We have compiled some of the works of the rising international Dubstep scene together in a journey across Europe and the US.
Going from light- to darkness, it aims at representing the scene as it lives across the world today, after emerging out of a grim London Suburb some 4 years ago.

Art Direction has been provided by belgian dubstep uncoverer Bun-Zer0 (FWF crew, ), with tracks from Germany, Uk, Romania, Denmark, USA and Belgium. To make sure we had the right sound for them, we had the project mastered at Transition Studios, London.

First Pressing will only be a 1000 items 6-fold digipack batch, designed by JacklaMotta (FWF crew , ITA), so get it while it's hot!

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Do you always make good videos like this? .. ..i feel lonely though.. !!!
Par Nusranjahan1 il y a 3 ans
The compilation is also available through these fine shops:
Austria: bounce - Australia: inertia, cosmic leaf - Estonia: - France: stamina - Germany: hardwax, loop23 - Greece: it shop - UK: boomkat, catapult, rooted, chemical, red eye, dogs on acid - USA: breakbeat science, ear/rational
Par Aeclectrick Records il y a 7 ans