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    "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" was a single released from Jay-Z's 2003 album The Black Album. After the release of the song, the phrase "get that dirt off your shoulder" became common amongst youth. When used colloquially, this phrase means to get enemies off your chest by brushing your shoulders off.

    The Black Album is a 2003 hip hop music album by rapper Jay-Z. It was supposedly his last studio album until Jay-Z announced a return to solo recording in 2006. The album has generally been well received by critics and was also a highly commercial success debuting at #1 with 436,000 in its first week and more than 3 million to date.[1] The album's name is a reference to both The Beatles (more commonly known as The White Album) and Prince's The Black Album.[citation needed] It features a black-covered set of liner notes and a black jewel case to go along with a black disc.

    An a cappella version of this album was also released with the intention of providing material for remixes and mashups. The first attempt was by Kev Brown with The Brown Album, which was followed by Danger Mouse's The Grey Album. The latter gained popularity due to its unauthorized use of samples taken from The Beatles. This then started a flood of remix albums made available on the Internet through file sharing.

    The album has one notable guest appearance (Pharrell Williams in "Change Clothes") along with some background singers and Jay-Z's mother, who talks about his childhood on "December 4th."