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where are the weapons? Sure Saddam is a S.O.B. who committed genocide and mass murders but the WMD are the reason told to Congress and the American people for going to War. Connection with 9/11? Still no proof. And Rumsfeld never had a cohesive plan. WE FELT TOO EASILY AND AFTER 3 YEARS WE ARE REMAINDED OF THAT. The media did not question anything because they saw Bush as the dumb guy who did not know any better.


la video m'a plu :) .... ,,,.....
By flying_angel1234 3 years ago
fantastic work ..i feel lonely though.. ...
By lovelygirl20111 3 years ago
Bush and his little pet Blair and all who agreed to this war should all be prisoned for life, and life should mean life!
Think of the lives that had been taken by these mindless politicians when they decide to go to war in our names, and they still can't find Bin Laden?

All I can say is I BELIEVE YOU! Justice will prevail.....
By anthony mills 5 years ago
Thank you for putting this out there. I sincerely hope Bush will spend the rest of his days in prison as a war criminal.
By Richard Vernon 6 years ago
all these powerful people? why dont they do something to bring bush and his murderers to justice!!!!!!!!!!!?.
By worldatpeace 6 years ago
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