Parodie - Paris Hilton en Prison


par BriKo

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Par Enkping3 il y a 6 ans
mdrrr trop bien !
Alodia est alor? Ta vu komen elle se condui c une conne Paris hilton lol
Par Sam il y a 7 ans
personne a une petite traduction???

*********** **************
Par sandramarseille il y a 7 ans
I don’t mind being confined to L.A. state prison
cause I would drive with DUIs
I caused some collisions
They tell me now that my appeal has been denied
and that the sentence is now bona-fide
How about a chill that won’t insult my civic pride
like somewhere on the upper west side
with a water slide
Even though they say I’m shady
I’m really so refined
I need a cleaning lady
I can’t do time
Robert Blake and OJ Simpson
they both get off scot-free
I drive without a license
They throw the book right at me
It sucks to the highest degree
My friend Nicole drove down that freeway the wrong way
She’ll probably get parole and float away
because she weighs, zero.
Even though i caught the glamor
even thought my clothes are fab
they throw me in the slammer
Britney gets rehab
They put me in the big house
sounds like a movie pitch
Paris goes up the river -
ends up as somebody’s bitch
They can’t do this to me, I’m rich
And now i am digging a ditch
My roommate’s a woman named Mitch
Par ren4567 il y a 7 ans
Trop fort ! dommage qu'il y est pas de traduction
Par lisa_la_nana il y a 7 ans