I love Jesus: Maryam, a Muslim Girl

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I am a muslim girl named MARYAM, that means MARY, yes the name of the mother of Christ (peace be upon him).

Muslims love Jesus and His Mother so much.

The quran that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) declares that Mary was the best, most righteous, and purest woman who ever lived.

Prophet Muhammad taught us to be merciful, just and to be good to other.

He taught us to love and respect all Prophets of the God.

I love Jesus, Muhammad and all Prophets (peace be upon them all) and it hurts me and makes me very sad if anyone insults them or makes fun of them.

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"God manifested in flesh": I have a question: is Jesus eternel like God the Fother, without beging and without end? Answer to this and I have other question?
Par isaacson il y a 5 ans
barak Allah oufik pr la vidéo.
Par Al Falastiniyah il y a 6 ans
masha'ALLAH !!
Par زهرة الاسلام il y a 6 ans
Jesus is not an ordinary prophet. He is God manifested in flesh. He died for your sins. Invite Him into your heart. Your life will be changed.
Par messiahtruth il y a 7 ans
on adore allah mohamed son prophete salili weh salem
Par SALEM LES AMIS!!! il y a 7 ans